We develop AI & ML algorithms that re-define what real user acquisition and performance marketing are.


Derech Menachem Begin 144, Tel Aviv, Israel

AppsClicks Technology

Our AI technology uses real time data to measure KPIs, optimize traffic delivery, and recommend the best source of the right traffic.

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AI & Machine Learning

AI & ML algorithms to optimize and secure your KPIs.



Capability to pass app names, IDFA, city targeting, etc.



Automatic API or S2S integration. Up to your decision.



In house tools to stop bot traffic, and other types of fraud.

Our Tech - Your Win

Our Latest AI Technology for Advertising Product  are designed to meet today’s digital marketing challenges, making it easier for great apps and mobile services to securely and effectively get the recognition they deserve. App developers and mobile marketing agencies can use AppsClicks in order to monetize their app or acquire new users with simple integration.


We analyze your data quickly enough to block suspicious activity in real-time, drive real users to advertisers, and prevent publishers from receiving deductions. You can customize and pick the best offers that fit your traffic, either by a simple S2S integration or an optimized bulk API feed. We also provide full transparency; passing app names, IDFA, GAID, bundle IDs, creatives, and even impressions. More than that, with our targeting capabilities, we can target exactly the right users for you; age, sex, and more importantly – city targeting, we can do it all.

AI & Machine Learning

While our competitors use AI as an add-on, we have developed AI and ML algorithms that improve the performance of your ad campaign and optimize it automatically based on your KPI and the important UA metrics (CR, RR, ROAS, ROI, etc).


Lifestyle, entertainment, finance, eCommerce, and gaming are just some of our top verticals, and we provide them all with full transparency and targeting capabilities. AppsClicks can target that specific city for you with full transparency.

Our Team

It's not enough to have impressive technology if you don't know how to use it. Exactly because of that, we hire experts who work around the clock to maximize your campaign performance by utilizing the algorithms in the right way and analyze data.


Where Can I Learn More About Your AI & ML?

Check our Identify & Optimize page for more information, or reach out to us.

Which Tracking Platform Do You Use?

We are working with Affise.

How Do You Fight Fraud?

Please check or anti-fraud section in order to learn more about how we fight against the fraud.

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